About Aneurisma

About Aneurisma

There are two bands sharing this name:
1. A metalcore band from Santiago, Chile.
2. A punk / 82 hc band from Lahti, Finland.

1. aNeurisma is a metalcore band from Chile.
They have released their first album Camino de Reflexiones in 2008.

Current members are:
Maximiliano Rodríguez (Vocals)
Diego Izquierdo (Bass guitar)
Francisco Izquierdo (Drums)
Alexis Ruiz (Guitar)
Paulo Praise (Guitar)

Ex members:
Felipe Alvarez (Guitar)
Christian Guzman (Guitar)
Frank Millard (Guitar)
David Guerra (Guitar)

2. Aneurisma is a punk band from Finland. Read more on Last.fm


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