About Airbag

About Airbag

There are at least 9 bands with the same name:

1. Airbag, from Norway
2. Airbag, from Spain
3. Airbag, from Argentina
4. Airbag, from South Korea.
5. Airbag, from Bulgaria
6. Airbag, from the Netherlands
7. Airbag, from China
8. Airbag, from Japan
9. Airbag, from Czech Republic

1 .Airbag is a five member progressive rock group from Norway. The line up (from 2010) is Anders Hovdan - Bass, Asle Tostrup - Vocals, guitar, Bjørn Riis - Guitar, vocals, Henrik Fossum - Drums and Jørgen Hagen - Keyboards. Read more on Last.fm


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