About Abigail

About Abigail

There are currently 5 Artists under the name "Abigail": a Romanian doom/death metal band, a Japanese black/thrash metal band, a Polish heavy/power/melodic metal band, Abigail Zsiga and a Czech alternative rock band.

Abigail (Ro): PLEASE GO TO http://www.last.fm/music/+noredirect/Abigail_ro


Abigail (Jpn):

Abigail was formed in January of 1992 by Yasuyuki (Bass/Vocal), Youhei (Drums) and Yasunori (Guitar) being inspired by early black/thrash metal bands like Bathory, Venom, Sodom, Bulldozer, Hellhammer, NME etc. Read more on Last.fm


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